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SignIt ASL Classroom: 12-Month Site License 
Sign at school – AND at home!

You and up to 30 students and their families get access to the SignIt ASL Online Class.
Download the Account Manager Packet with complete directions here (PDF, Word).

How it works

  • Put this product in your cart.
  • Create your account at checkout.
  • Write down the activation code number on your screen. (We will email it to you as well.)
  • Activate your OWN account.
  • Distribute your activation code to your group members (It will stop working after the 31st activation).
  • Enjoy SignIt ASL for 12 months. Your year of access begins the day you complete your purchase.

Who can get it?

Anyone! You do not have to be a classroom teacher to get this program. It’s ideal for homeschool parents, speech therapists, early intervention specialists, and playgroup leaders. You can also get this program for all the teachers at your school. Or you can purchase and give out your code as a gift to 30 of your friends and family members.

Can I use a purchase order?

Yes! Email your school’s official Purchase Order, including an email address for the Account Manager, to:, or fax it to 801-676-4441. The email address is the Account Manager’s login. If you have questions email, or call 801-676-4440 Mon-Fri 9-5 MST.

Can I split the account?

Yes! You can divide the cost of the program for up to 31 people. If you split the cost, you’ll get a year of access (normally $99.99/yr) for just $22.58 per family. Your activation code has no cash value, and CANNOT BE RE-SOLD to people outside of your classroom/school/group.

Who keeps track of the activation code assignments?

As the purchaser/account manager, you are responsible for distributing your code. Use the handy tracking sheet is included in your Account Manager Packet (PDF, Word). Your code can be activated only 30 times. It will become invalid at the 31st activation, so it’s important that you ask your teachers and families NOT to share the assigned code with others.

What if I have fewer than 30 students?

You can use your extra codes any way you’d like. Share them with:

  • new students who move in during the school year
  • special education support personnel who work with your students
  • classroom volunteers
  • your principal

Can I get this for my entire school?

Yes. Instead of assigning your 30 activations to families within a single classroom for use at home, you can assign a code to each teacher within your school for in-school use. Or you could assign your 30 activations to each computer in your computer lab.

Distribute your codes in the way that works best for your school. Here are some possibilities:

  • School-Wide Program
    Give a code to each of your classroom teachers (for in-class use) and if there are any codes left, assign them to your computer lab (one per computer for in-lab use).
  • Special Education
    You can assign some codes to special education teachers, speech therapists, occupational therapists, and paraprofessionals (for in-school use), and share the rest of the codes with students (for at-home use).
  • Child Care, After School Programs
    Assign your activations to the computers in your facility and to the families in your program for in-home use.
  • Itinerant Teachers
    Assign your activations to a your itinerant music teachers, special education teachers, or therapists for in-class use across your district.

Does this program automatically renew?

Your SignIt ASL Site License will NOT renew like a regular subscription. This is because many schools use purchase orders to pay for the program. To renew, simply purchase the product again when you need it, and you’ll receive a new activation code.

Terms and Conditions

The SignIt ASL Online Class Site License is intended for classroom. school, or group use. Access to your lessons expires 12 months from the purchase date. The purchaser is considered the Account Manger and is responsible for distribution of activation code and management of the account. Activation code has no cash value, and CANNOT BE RE-SOLD.

Unit 1 and Unit 2 of our new online class, SignIt ASL! Videos and quizzes teach beginning conversational sign language. This set includes Unit 1 and 2, with a total of 10 lessons and 50-60 hours of instruction time. Unit 3 will be added automatically when it is released in the fall of 2017.

About SignIt ASL

SignIt ASL is an online course that teaches American Sign Language (ASL) to beginners. Signing Time host Rachel Coleman and ASL comedian Keith Wann will help your whole family start signing today!

Unit 1 and 2 includes 10 lessons, each with approximately 25 chapters for a total of 50-60 hours of instruction. Unit 3 will be automatically added when released in the fall of 2017.

Unit 1 and 2 topics

  • Introductions
  • Family
  • Feelings
  • Jobs
  • School
  • Neighbors
  • Food
  • Numbers & Time
  • Transportation
  • Animals

What you will learn:

  • ASL signs
  • ASL sentences
  • ASL conversation
  • ASL grammar
  • Deaf culture


  • This is an online class, NOT a DVD
  • Log in to to start your course