Frequently Asked Questions

What is Sign It ASL?
“Sign It ASL” (aka “Sign It: American Sign Language Made Easy”) is an online beginning American Sign Language course. The complete curriculum will have a total of 10 units that teach beginning conversational ASL (vocabulary, sentences, grammar, and syntax) and Deaf culture.

Who created Sign It ASL?
The Sign It ASL curriculum was written by Curt Radford, Ed.D. and scripted by Heather Ravarino and Keith Wann. Actors include: Rachel Coleman, Keith Wann, Maleni Chaitoo, Sean Forbes, Peter Cook, Alexandria Wailes, Crom Saunders, Manny HernandezLeah Coleman, and Alex Brown.

When are the Units being released?
Units 1, 2 and 3 are currently available. Units 4-10 are being funded. Donate here.

What’s in each Unit?
Each Unit has 5 lessons, each with approximately 20-30 chapters of instruction. Units also include:

  • Fingerspelling, vocabulary, and sentence practice
  • (Receptive) conversation practice and quizzes
  • ASL interviews about Deaf culture and more
  • Lesson exams with scoring and progress tracking
  • ASL video dictionary for easy reference

Can I preview lessons?
Get free sample chapters here.

How long will I have to complete the units?
Unlike other online American Sign Language classes, the units you purchase are yours to keep. That means that you can go through the lessons at your own pace!

How fluent do I expect to be when finishing?
Sign It ASL will teach you the vocabulary and sentences you need to know to have basic conversations. As with any language course, fluency comes with time, it comes with using the language, and it comes with interactions and conversations with others who are fluent.

Is this course accredited?
Not yet. We will offer the course through an accredited university when all 10 course units are complete. We are releasing units as soon they are produced so you can start enriching your ASL studies now.

Do I need to be online to use Sign It ASL?
Yes, you do need to be online for the quiz and test features to work. This will also be the case for the Sign It ASL mobile app, when it becomes available.

Is there a Sign It ASL app?
Yes. You won’t need to go to the app store to get it. Follow these directions to install the app onto your Apple or Android devices. You will need to be online to install and use the Sign It ASL app.

How is Sign It ASL different from Signing Time?
Sign It ASL is for kids ages 8+ and adults
Signing Time is for kids ages 0-8. Signing Time is designed to build ASL vocabulary by teaching  more than 1,000 signs. Sign It ASL is a complete curriculum.

Can I get Sign It ASL on DVD? 
Sign It ASL is delivered online so you can take quizzes, get instant scoring, and track your progress. The lesson videos are not available on DVD.

Is Sign It ASL included in the subscription?
Certain features of Sign It ASL (quiz questions, scorekeeping, dictionary, etc.) require us to deliver this content through a different website/app, so it’s not a part of the Signing Time TV digital subscription.

Can families who have a child with hearing loss ages 0-36 months get Sign It ASL free?
Yes! Through the generosity of Signing Time Foundation donors and our partners at NCHAM, Sign It ASL is available free to families in the US who have a child with hearing loss and is 36 months or younger. Apply at

How to install the Sign It ASL on mobile devices

Now you can enjoy Sign It ASL on your mobile devices. You don’t even have to go to the app store to get it. Here’s how to put the app icon on your home screen:

  1. From your phone or tablet, go to
  2. Tap “Make this an app” 
  3. Follow instructions on your device to complete installation
  4. Tap the Sign It icon on your home screen to go to your lessons!
    You’ll still need to be connected to the internet for videos/quizzes to work.

Don’t see “Make this an app” text?
Get directions – Apple
Get directions – Android



App Installation: Apple iOS

Step One:

Tap this icon in your browser tool bar:

Step Two:

Find and tap “Add to home screen”

Step Three:

Tap “Add” in the upper right corner



App Installation: Android


Step One:

Tap the 3 dots in the upper right:

Step Two:

Find and tap “Add to home screen”

Step Three:

Tap “ADD”